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The reason that "The Bankers" don't want you to know about DMS Loan™ is that they consider loan interest to be income while we consider it an expense. They want to get your business while getting the highest interest rate they can. We want to get the lowest interest rate we can (wouldn't zero be nice?). DMS Loan™ is designed to be used after you start getting quotes from different lenders. Which one is the best for you? The lenders all say "ours!" With DMS Loan™, you simply enter the different quotes you've gotten, click one button, and you just go down the list until the first payment you can afford, and that's the best one for you!

DMS Loan™ can also be used to help answer the following questions:

  • How much extra do I have to pay each month to get my mortgage paid off before my oldest child enters college?

  • How much time and money would I save if I paid an additional $100 per month?
Referral Bonus:
Since we don't have an advertising budget bigger than a small country's GNP like some software vendors, we are offering a bonus to you for referring people that end up registering DMS Loan™. Here's how it works: When you click the Share button in DMS Loan™, a sample email is composed in your email program with a link to our website (the link contains a referral ID that we use to make sure you get the credit). You fill in the "To" addresses, make any changes you'd like to the text (please leave the link alone so you will get the bonus), and send it to your friends/associates. We do not get the email addresses this way (we don't like email spam, so we don't send it either). When the person you referred follows the link to our website, we create a cookie on their system so that when and if they register DMS Loan™, we can find out who referred them (you).

Since DMS Loan™ is so inexpensive, we can't afford a big bonus, but we are offering $1.00 per referral that registers DMS Loan™. When they register, we will send you an email with your current credit balance. Reply to that email with your name and address and we will mail you a check (for the credit balance minus the cost of one stamp).

Credit Card Protection:
In order to help control credit card fraud, we perform name and address verification on all credit card transactions. This is why we need your name and address. Please email us at if you have a name/address or email address change and please include your old name/address and email address.

Upon clicking the Download button, you should choose to save to disk (either the Desktop or some other directory). After the program has downloaded, you should either click on the Desktop icon, or double-click on the file in Windows Explorer. After the ZIP file decompresses, run the SETUP.EXE program. This will install DMS Loan™ after asking you where you want it installed.
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